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 You Are Doing SO Much...
You DESERVE  to  Be Deeply Supported and Powerfully Resourced.

Stressed Woman

*  Do you feel stressed  by your to-do list          and depressed by your quality of life?

* Are you ready to break free from overwhelm  and exhaustion, so that you can feel more joyful,  energized and on purpose than ever before? 

As Women We Hold SO Much...
We GIVE so much. We DO so much.
We pride ourselves o
n being MULTI-TASKERS and taking care of SO MANY PEOPLE ...
But for many of us, daily life feels like we're hanging on by a thread, like we're just trying to keep it all together.
 The truth is: We. Are. EXHAUSTED. 

Women in Love & Leadership Supports
Capable, Caring Women Like YOU
to Feel Fully Supported and Resourced, so that
You Can Truly Thrive


It's No Wonder You Feel Like You're

Just Barely Getting By...

Women  STILL do more than 2/3 of the unpaid caregiving and caretaking tasks, when compared to men. At work, we STILL face a serious pay gap: studies indicate that professional women in the U.S. earn 83 cents for every dollar earned by a man. And of course, the pay gap is even more astounding in other areas of the world. 

The hardest  part is that for so many of us, this has become our NEW NORMAL!

For years, I too believed that "being superwoman" was the only way through. I'd juggle and struggle and try to make do — even though my energy was depleted and my nerves were fried. Even though I was so emotionally and physically exhausted that I felt disconnected from myself. Even though, I felt under-supported as I was supporting everyone around me.


At the time, to me this was just called LIFE!

Screenshot 2023-01-18 at 1.15.01 PM.png
With all that you're carrying, it's no wonder you feel like you're surviving, instead of thriving...

Kristin Laurette
Women's Leadership Coach & Consultant

Get Resourced!

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